After the announcement of a new invitational category for the final two LMP3 Cup Championship rounds of 2018, Neil Primrose has signed up to compete with his Norma M20FC.

Primrose is an experienced racer who makes his return to the Bute paddock after appearing in the GT Cup in 2011 in a Chevron but admits that he is attracted more to prototype and endurance racing.

“I did a race in the Chevron GR8 in GT Cup and it was great; I loved it,” said Primrose. “The team at Bute are into it and that’s great as you need people with passion: that has to be the overriding thing.

“Ultimately, I’m very supportive of Bute Motorsport who put on a good event, and this was an amazing price for the entry. My passion has been in sports prototypes and it’s been long overdue that there’s an open event like this which lets all the cars compete in whatever class. I know it is harder and harder for everyone, especially organisers, but hopefully it’ll end up a success.”

Despite the wide range of machinery Primrose has raced so far, he only took ownership of the Norma a few months ago, though he is keen to push on with the car and challenge for race wins.

“I got the Norma in March of this year,” said Primrose. “It’s a 2017 car and the chassis is amazing. I’ve driven CN cars before and the reality is the cars are not the same. The benefit is that the Norma has been built and developed over the last 15 years and you can imagine how many laps it has done, so it is sorted.

“No matter what style you’ve got and what tyre you’ll be running on, it is such a good car that it doesn’t take much to get it in the ballpark – the baseline is there from theget go. Some folk just want to enjoy it, but I want to win my category so it’s good to push yourself.”

Team and drivers interested in racing in the LMP3, PT4, or Invitational Groups can contact Christopher Thorn, Bute Motorsport Commercial Manager on +44 (0)1963 407035 or [email protected] Entries in the LMP3 and PT4 categories will run on control fuel, Sunoco CMR (100RON, 89MON), supplied by AAOC, and Michelin tyres as stated in the 2018 regulations. Invitational entrants will be able to run whichever fuel and tyres they choose for these two rounds.

Image © Supercar Challenge, Rouel Louwers