The consultancy firm Brand Finance, which specializes in brand valuation, has just published the 2018 ranking of the 500 most powerful brands in the world. The MICHELIN brand rose to 207th place in this ranking (up 54 places) with a brand value of $7.93 billion, an increase of 30% in the brand’s value in one year. Our brand valuation is similar to that of other companies such as Nintendo, Red Bull and Lego.

Michelin is the first brand in the tire sector to enter this ranking.

For the first time in ten years, we are ahead of Bridgestone in both value and brand strength. The brand’s value is expressed in dollars – this is the key element measured in this study. The brand’s strength reflects the brand’s contribution to this valuation and is based on factors such as reputation, loyalty and employee satisfaction. It is expressed as a rating ranging from D to AAA+ - we have a very good AAA rating.

The companies at the top of this ranking combine a high financial valuation with a strong contribution from the brand to this performance.

Other key points from this study

  • For the first time, the top 5 rankings are held by the technology industry leaders: Amazon, Apple, Google, Samsung and Facebook.
  • Chinese companies are on the rise: 15 Chinese companies are now in the top 50.
  • France represents 5% of the total value of the top 500 brands (vs. 7% 10 years ago).

35 French brands are in the top 500. Michelin is the 14th French brand in this ranking (Orange, Total, BNP, AXA, Renault, Hermès, Airbus, Carrefour, Louis Vuitton, EDF, L'Oréal, Danone, Engie, Michelin).